volumenpruefstand_13rgb-f6ae37aafd6a985ac2539895ae62d805.jpgCalibration of volumetric air flow

PMS/CAS is a SCS-accredited calibration laboratory for volumetric air flow. The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) monitors our SCS 0118 calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025.

The volumetric air flow test system is located in Wattwil (Switzerland) and produces air volumes in the range of 50 m3/h to 1900 m3/h.


SCS0118 calibration of volumetric air flow

Measured variable / calibration object

Measuring range

Environmental conditions

Best measurement uncertainty


Volumetric of air flow

50 m3/h to 1’900 m3/h

20°C to 30°C
Atmosphere pressure:
900 hP to 1100 hPa

3 %, but not smaller than
3 m3/h