Real-Time Statistical Process Control


TP20InSituTraditional off-line part cleanliness analysis is too slow for use as a process control tool. These tests, traditionally performed in a laboratory on a small number of representative part samples, are extremely time-consuming. Parts are already integrated into finished product before contamination data are available. Any problems identified at this point require product recall or rework to correct, inflicting a heavy toll on already in profit margins. Optimally, contamination problems must be identified in real-time, before suspect parts reach the production floor or are built into finished goods. Liquid in-situ particle monitors (ISPMs), a method used for several years in the semi conductor industry, have proven themselves a reliable means of measuring general part cleanliness in real time. When combined with current state-of-the-art monitoring and control packages, ISPMs provides statistical process control capabilities never before available for parts cleaning. With this type of process control, contamination parts are identified and removed from manufacture before the impact product yield or reliability.

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