Are your particle counters ISO 14644-1 compliant?

Are your particle counters ISO 14644-1 compliant and able to be calibrated to all required tests according to ISO 21504-4?

The new ISO 14644-1 requires that all particle counter calibrations comply with the revised specifications as detailed in ISO 21501-4. Non-compliant instrument use will require additional and non-preferred explanations, taking up your time and resources.

Particle Measuring Systems has worked diligently to ensure that all our relevant and current particle counters meet this standard so that you can ensure compliance.

Here are our most up-to-date compliant products:

Lasair® III Aerosol Particle Counter                             Lasair® III 110 Air Particle Counter
AirNet® II 4 Channel Air Particle Sensor                    AirNet® II 2 Channel Air Particle Sensor
IsoAir® 310P Air Particle Sensor

Contact our ISO experts now to find out if your instruments (PMS or other) are compliant or what actions you need to take to ensure a compliant cleanroom.