Monitoring der Teilereinigung in wässrigen Systemen


Monitoring Aqueous Parts Cleaning

In-situ particle monitoring of aqueous cleaning systems can help optimize and control aqueous cleaning processes, thereby increasing product yield and system productivity. Technological advances have allowed manufacturers to miniaturize their products, improving their performance and utility. Key to the miniaturization process is the requirement for clean parts and mechanical assemblies. Contamination on the surfaces of electronic parts and machinery can degrade the performance, production yield and life expectancy of a product. Therefore, many manufacturers have instituted cleaning procedures to ensure their component parts are clean and not likely to adversely effect the completed product. Growing awareness of environmental impact and increasing regulations are greatly curtailing the use of many cleaning solvents, increasing manufacturer's reliance on environmentally friendly water based cleaning processes. Although many different types of contamination are removed through aqueous cleaning processes, particulate contamination is often most critical and is easily monitored with the current technology of particle counters. Continuously monitoring particulate concentration in an aqueous part cleaner, provides a real-time indication of the amount of contamination remaining on a part.

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