Widerstandsfähigkeit von AirNet® 510 XR gegen verdampftes H2O2


Airnet 510 XR Resilience to Vaporized H202A move within the pharmaceutical industry has been toward isolator technologies and enclosed filling lines. A common sterilizing agent used in these closed environments is Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP), a strong oxidizing agent. If significant VHP is drawn into most particle counters, it can damage the counter, cause it to malfunction and bad counting performance.

Particle Measuring Systems has addressed this issue with the Airnet® 510 XR version.

The comparison test between Airnet II standard and XR version, shows strong and reliable Airnet® 510 XR’s resistance against VHP, with consequent maintenance cost saving and better counting performance according with the ISO 21501-4.

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